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Wings of Love

Jeanette Skutnik

Chapter 1

Amy Makowski trudged through the ankle-deep snow of the parking lot. Today had been a twelve-hour shift at the grocery store, and she thanked her lucky stars that it was finally over. For the past six months, Amy had worked tons of overtime which did little for her social life. Soon though, she’d have enough money saved to buy the rust-colored Plymouth Duster at the used car lot in town. Granted her walks to work had done wonders for her petite figure, but Amy could live without the sore feet and frozen toes.

Hurrying across the cobblestone path, she marched up the porch steps. Not only was she anxious to get out of the brutal weather, Amy was excited to see her friends. It was a long overdue night out, and she had looked forward to it all week. A strong gust of wind smacked the weathered-wooden swing, which hung on the front porch, against the house and interrupted her daydreaming. By the time Amy reached for the lit doorbell button, her entire body shivered and her teeth were chattering as well. It was a bitter cold December night, but that wasn’t the only reason Amy shook like a leaf.

The door flew open. The lights from inside illuminated a man in his early twenties of medium-build and stature. His black curly hair barely touched the collar of his flannel shirt, and was feathered in the latest style. Immediately, she recognized that smile and those gray eyes. Adam LaPointe had been her brother’s friend for as long as she remembered, and was the main reason for her jitters. The scent of his Old Spice cologne aroused her senses more than she’d care to admit.

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