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Until he reached the publisher’s table.

Here he stopped. “I overheard you say earlier you were a publisher,” he said. Lost in the cocktail chatter was that publishing e-books was actually the business, but he rushed on. “You can do it, then,” he said, rather urgently. “You can get it out.” He took a box labelled as quality resume paper out of his side bag and put it on the table. “Burn this when you’re finished.” He turned.


He was gone.

So the publisher was left with the contents of the box,165 handwritten pages, each page now transcribed into formats for the widest distribution possible, then burned as directed by the original author. The task was completed 15 January 2013.

Res ipsa loquiter.

Chapter 02 - Introduction: 7 Jan 2013

I have served in combat and have seen Death’s achievements in many forms, taking many shapes, but after surviving the ill-fated Hobblestone-Thorpe 2012 Antarctica Expedition I no longer have the luxury of simple PTSD nightmares. The horror that consumed all the others but spared me has still left me with wounds unseen, deeper than any inflicted by other humans during war.

Waking drenched in sweat, I often wonder if I would have proceeded South, had I known what awaited me – concluding that no one would have actually believed any description of the monstrosities ahead. Certainly not me.

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