Arriba, abajo en la playa (Ups & Downs at the Boardwalk)

Escrito e ilustrado por Karl Beckstrand © 2012, Premio Publishing & Gozo Books, Midvale, UT, USA, PHYSICAL book ISBN: 978-0615688244

COUNT THE BALLS! Special thanks to the historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Book and ebook available in English-only and bilingual versions (with pronunciation guide):

Spanish vowels have one sound each: a = ah e = eh i = ee o = oh u = oo. Every vowel should be pronounced (except for the u after a q). In Spanish, the letter j is pronounced as an English h (and the letter h is silent), ll sounds like a y (or a j in some countries), and ñ has an ny sound (año sounds like ah-nyo).

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