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While this is my second published novel, it’s actually my first. I wrote the first version of this story nearly twenty years ago and, let me tell you, it was God awful.

I keep that original draft around in a place of honor as a tribute to both moxie and hubris. Writers need a bit of both, of course, and keeping them in balance is a lifelong battle.

Despite the original’s complete lack of anything worth recommending, the story was still one that wanted telling. They’re like that sometimes, the stories. Demanding, y’know?

This one just kept poking at me until, finally, I’d had enough.

Fine,” I said. “I’ll try again.” What you’re about to read is that try.

This is, at its heart an old-fashioned sort of yarn, with magic and tragedy and a dash of adventure. But there’s some other stuff in there too– a bit of horror, a touch of mystery and even a very little bit of science fiction. I like mashups and this is both my latest and my first.

Also, this is a romance but, as most romance novels are told from the female point of view, I thought the guys deserved some representation. We fall in love too, after all.

Pretty cool.

Hope you dig it.


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