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In, early 2006 a girl named Laura completed her Intermediate from the Collage of Heltster Town. She turned 17 in January 2006. She was brought up in a Christian family. When she was 6 her father died in a car accident and she was the only child of her parents. Her mother was a very caring and loves her daughter very much she wants her daughter to marry by her choice. In Collage Laura has a secret affair going on with her

Class fellow Martin. Martin was a nice guy but he always flirts with other girls Laura doesn’t like that habit of Martin and she was very upset about it. On the Last day of Collage both Laura and Martin discussed there future and they came with it to stick together for more time.

Then they both enrolled in a same university and enjoyed their relationship Laura’s Mother doesn’t know about her relationship. One day Laura’s mother was going out of town for work for 3 days. She said to Laura “Don’t go anywhere until I come back and also don’t invite anybody”. But Laura was in a love affair she had some other plans.

Laura called Martin

Laura: Hello Martin its me Laura

Martin: Tell baby whats your plan for today?

Laura: Well! My mother has gone out of town so I am alone in the house for 3 days

Martin: Coool! I will come up to your place at night and then we will have fun.

Laura: But my mother told me not to invite anybody. And you know she doesn’t know about our relationship. And its not right.

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