Wolves at our Doors:

A Christian perspective on the nature of wolves in the church.

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®)
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ESV Text Edition: 2007

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (ESV)

I wish to acknowledge the help I have received in writing this book. As corny as it may seem, and as cliché you may see it, I could not have written this book with out Jesus Christ. Had he not saved me I would not be setting these words to paper because I would still be lost in death. The Holy Spirit has guided my words in this writing, and any theological mistakes are mine. It has been a humbling experience to set myself aside and write this.

I also wish to thank Luther Harn. Brother, had you not pushed me to write this it may never have been written. Your encouragement, and love has been invaluable to me, and in the words of David, “your love to me was extraordinary,” (2Sa 1:26). Your counsel is much appreciated and your willingness to rebuke when rebuke is called for is rare. I also wish to thank your wife Bree, for her opinions and suggestions in writing this. I could not have written some sections with out you.

Mike Mumford, and Brandon Earp: thank you both for your mentorship and more importantly your friendship. I look forward to growing with you in Christ and seeing the great works that God will do in both of you.

The Elders of Living Stones in Reno Nevada, thank you for taking a man like myself under your wing and showing him what it means to live a Christian life. Bobby, George, both of you have been kind and gracious with me from day one. Thank you for your counsel and wisdom. May I be half the man that either of you are!

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