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Thank you to Kristen, Mark and Blair for helping bring Suzy alive. CJ, the cucumber mention is for you


This was the night Suzy wanted to get fucked, and fucked well. And, she had the perfect man all picked out for the job. She came to this conclusion as her cousin, Conner, left with her best friend Mollie, probably to engage in some down and dirty sex. She'd been obsessing about just that sort of activity herself for hours, ever since she arrived at her parents' thirty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration.

Not even thoughts of her parents made her lose those horny feelings for Juan-Carlos Mosino, the hot Cuban stallion she'd wanted for so long.

She took a sip of what had to be her third cosmopolitan and wiggled on the bar stool, trying to find a more comfortable seat. Why were these stools made for a size eight ass and not a size sixteen like her own? She sighed and finished her drink, ready to call the bartender over for another when a hand landed on the back of her neck and played with her hair.

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