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She’s disposable...and she knows it.

A survivor of too many foster homes, B.J. Larson is content living at the youth center where your status is determined by how long your arrest record is. And hers is lengthy. Then she’s placed in a home in the small town of Stewart Falls, Washington—with foster parents who will “love” her, not just the money the state pays for her care.

Yeah, right!

B.J.’s not stone stupid. She knows a scam when she sees one. Kids like her never get “real homes,” much less “real families.” She learned a long time ago that adults can’t be trusted. Besides, B.J.’s too smart to take chances. And isn’t love the biggest risk of all?


Throw Away Teen by Shannon Kennedy is a well written book. The story revolves around B.J. Larson, a tough, rebellious teenager who has spent most of her life in the foster care system. Naturally, she doesn’t trust anyone, not her case worker, not the administrator of the youth home where she’s been residing, and certainly not her new foster parents, who claim to love her and want to adopt her. I like the characters and the story...I found B.J.’s description of her past as part of the system to be right on. And I really enjoyed the book. – Taylor, reviewer

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