Michael Forest Hills

Forest hills tries hard to conserve nature. Being surrounded by national forest, nature is a huge part of Forest Hill’s economy. Unlike some towns that try hard to have the biggest buildings we center on having a healthy, friendly community. Some of our goals are to make sure no trees are cut down. No large factories are near, so there is the cleanest freshest air possible. Another thing is No dumping in Forest Hills waterways because that is best for us and for the wildlife. Also, a clean environment means a healthier lifestyle, which means less of those pesky health bills. If we don’t act soon our world could be trash so that is why Forest Hills’s government tries hard.

Forest Hills bends over backwards to save the homeless. Every in Forest Hills donates to Rachel’s table food drive because everyone in Forest Hills cares about our community. Forest Hills also donates clothing to the homeless because you can imagine what it would be like on the streets cold, hungry, and tired. Therefore, this town tries so hard to make the homeless feel cared for. As you know, education is very important for a child’s future. That is why there are government assisted book donations because everyone needs a good education. Forest Hills government knows that this community will make a difference.

Nobody likes high taxes, they can cost families thousands of dollars a year, that’s why the government pay 25% of your taxes so you don’t have to. But even 75% can leave you begging that’s why we give $5,000 dollars back so you can get back on your feet and feel good about the amount of money in your pocket. The amount of money you can save is huge so you can save money on things like redecorating or something fun to do with your family. Already, people all over America are losing homes, jobs and possessions, so this government will not let that happen.

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