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This book is intended as a down to earth guide or reference for those seeking to know more about Ascension and moving into the Fifth Dimension...possibly higher.

The Lords of Melchizedek are giving me this information to put forward some more thoughts on the movement of the earth into the Fifth Dimension and people’s increasing awareness and vibration raising.

The Lords have this to say;

There is much information in your World just now (about ascension and the vibrational changes) and we wish to satisfy your curiosity around the whole subject. Whilst we have waited for Karen to be ready to open up for us, we have watched as many place their own interpretations on the changes taking place around your World. We are not here to argue or displace any other opinions, simply to put another thought or series of thoughts to you for your consideration.

We hope that you can open to us and to our words; if they suit your wisdoms, we are happy; if not, we are happy, as you will be looking to find your own wisdoms and that is what YOUR ascension is all about.

Enjoy your journey!”

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