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This guide employs the female format to address trainers, seeing that the majority of people operating in this field are women.

The terms “Training Session” and “Workshop” are used interchangeably.


Table of Contents

The Fundamental Concepts of Protection Skills in the Program

Activities and Teaching Aids Implemented in this Program

The First Concept: “I Believe in My Capabilities and I am Proud of Who I am”

The Second Concept: “I Do Not Allow Bad Secrets in My Heart”

The Third Concept: “Say NO to Strangers”

The Fourth Concept: “My Body Belongs to Me”

The Fifth Concept: “I Tell the Difference between a Good Touch and a Bad Touch”

The Sixth Concept: “I Think With a Smile”

The Seventh Concept: “I Add Beauty to the World”


Artistic Activity1: The Paper Crown

Artistic Activity 2: Poster of the Concept’s Slogans

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