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Nancy had been home for less than five minutes, when her cellphone rang. Before she even took the phone out of her purse, she knew that the call was from her sister, and she also sensed that it was good news, because she had been feeling really good all day long.

Nancy and Carol Green were not just sisters, they were identical twins and ever since they were toddlers they could sense what the other was feeling, even when they miles apart.

“Hey Carol,” said Nancy. “Tell me the good news.”

Carol just laughed, because she knew how hard it was to surprise her sister. “I met someone,” she told Nancy. “I have never felt so relaxed and comfortable around a guy, before.”

“Tell me everything” said Nancy. “What’s his name? Where did you meet him? Tell me all of the details.”

“Well, his name is Preston Clark,” said Carol. “He is twenty-five and is a flight attendant for United Airlines. We met in the airport lounge before my flight to Philadelphia. I had a two hour flight delay, and he had just gotten off work. We talked for over an hour and a half.

“Did he buy you a drink?” asked Nancy.

“He bought me a coke,” said Carol. “He doesn’t drink, and I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable, so we both had soft drinks.” Since then, we have seen each other three times. With our different work schedules, we have to meet at odd times, but he’s definitely worth it.”

“What does he look like?” asked Nancy.

“He is five foot ten, with brown hair and dreamy brown eyes,” said Carol. “He wears glasses, is clean shaven and dresses nicely.”

“I’m so happy for you, Carol,” said Nancy. “I am also jealous. I hope that I am just as lucky as you some day. We both deserve some happiness in our lives.”

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