Man’s Best Friend

Do you believe in ghosts? I’m not talking about somebody wearing a white bed sheet over their head, I mean real ghosts. Jack used to be a skeptic, but now, he is definitely a believer. This is his story.

Jack’s full name is Jackson Michael Henderson, but the only time he was ever called by all three names, was by his mother when she was very upset with him. When he heard all three names called out, he knew he was in trouble. Usually, everyone just called him Jack, except his grandmother who caled him Jackie.

Jack lived in an average looking house with his parents and two sisters. Diane is three years older than Jack and Cindy is three years younger. There was one other member of the family. Duke was a Golden Retriever that the family purchased when Jack was three years old. It was supposed to be a family pet, but from the very first day, Duke and Jack created a close bond. Duke would only sleep on the end of Jack’s bed, and oftentimes by morning, he would be lying alongside Jack.

As Jack grew up, he and Duke grew even closer. They became inseparable. Jack told all of his deepest secrets to Duke, and Duke listened with such a serious expression on his face, Jack believed that Duke understood every word.

As Jack grew older, he was always the shortest and skinniest boy in his class. Because of his size, and the fact that he was quiet, he was picked on and teased by the other boys in his class. Jack wasn’t very good at sports, because he lacked self-confidence. Duke didn’t like to see Jack so sad all the time, so he began to act mischievous. He would hide Jack’s shoes, or sneak up behind Jack and bark so loudly, that Jack would jump. Duke’s antics made Jack laugh and he would forget about his troubles, at least for a little while.

When Jack was ten years old, his life became more complicated. He was faced with a number of tragedies. It began one afternoon, when Jack got off the school bus. Duke was always at the bus stop to greet Jack. But, on that fateful day, when Jack got off the bus, He could see Duke running towards him. As Duke ran across the street towards the bus, a car sped around the corner and hit Duke. To Jack, it seemed to happen in slow motion, and he could do nothing to save his best friend and companion.

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