This book is dedicated to my parents, Ernest and Rose Augustine. Each taught me skills that I have used throughout my life both as an entrepreneur and a woman. My father was a musician and successful entrepreneur who followed his passion until the day he died. My mother was very creative at various times in her life. They each taught me valuable lessons of perseverance and independence - each from their own perspective. I am most grateful to each of them for their love and lessons throughout my life even today.


What Is Creative Writing?

For me, creative writing is just about any kind of writing - fiction or non-fiction; poetry or prose, sci-fi, mysteries, bio’s and more. Even letters and business correspondence can sometimes come from a creative spark using writing as the base. Simply stated, creative writing gives you the inspiration your need to write in these genres and more.

When writing outside the bounds of journalistic or academic literature, you write “outside the box” with no right or wrong way of writing - loose, free and with a “stream of consciousness,” letting the writing flow from you freely and easily. This gives you a foundation for building your writing projects.

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