Voices from the Grain – Yule 2012

Edited and compiled by Patrick McCleary

With various authors contributing



Voices from the Grain – Yule 2012

Copyright © 2012

An Exploration of Light

I look at the world around me and despite that I write this prior to the Winter Solstice, the season has clearly shifted. The colors of autumn – the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows – have faded. Even the sky this morning is the foggy gray of clouds pregnant with snow. Perhaps it is only fitting that on the morning of the day I finished this article, the first accumulation of snow happened in my area of the United States; it was a small accumulation but it was apparent.

Winter can be a depressing time. Especially following the December holidays, which in so many cases are focused on family and light, the remaining months of the season can seem lonely and both literally and figuratively dark by comparison. But, we know that this is only our perception and that perhaps even by February but certainly by March, we’ll start to recognize that the cycle of the seasons continues and that the light is returning.

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