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Shorts Stories


Dan Schwartz

My Humble Beginnings

I was born today; well not necessarily born, but created. I would say hours of labor, but it seemed relatively quick and simple, as I was made along with many others. The process was interesting and it tickled a little; at some points they had me in stitches. I almost felt like I was undergoing acupuncture, but it was more exciting then it was relaxing.

After the whole process, even among all the others I felt isolated. I could never understand how a pair could feel so along, but I digress. There I lay, in an uncomfortable stack, for what seemed like days. It was a dark and dreary warehouse, filled with crates with an assortment of shipping labels, and hardly any windows.

After more days passed I was given a bath in an unusual way, I overheard one of the workers refer to it as stone washing, but despite the name, it was actually quite refreshing. After the bath I was returned to the warehouse to sit and wait some more. I am getting use to it, but I was not use to what happened next. I was collected and brought to a room, presented before a man for inspection. I am not sure what I was getting inspected for, but I feel violated. I was poked, pulled, prodded, and hands were shoved in places they don’t belong. To top it off, when I was done, the inspector put his number in my pocket, as if I was ever going to go back to him; the nerve of some people.

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