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The Globe

(A Christmas Story)


M.D. Stephens

Smashwords Edition

Copyright2012 by M.D. Stephens

For my entire family

I love and miss you all


Richard Shriver sits in his recliner thumbing through his latest manuscript. The proof reading stage of his writing both excites and depresses him. There are times when he reads what he’s written and thinks- Wow, I’m brilliant. Then there are times where he wonders what in the world he was thinking? At this moment, he is wondering whatever made him think he could be a successful writer. His prose are slow and boring, the story is all jumbled and hardly makes sense at times, and he is starting to feel that all his hard work was in vain.

Frustrated, he sets the book aside and strolls to the fridge for a glass of milk. As he stands taking big gulps out of the jug (something his mother told him never to do, but since he lives alone, he doesn’t think it much matters) he thinks about what he’s been doing with his life the last few years.

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