Understanding Marx: Class Struggle

Hercules Bantas

Published by the Reluctant Geek

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Hercules Bantas 2012

What is Class?

Class Struggle and the Evolution of Society

Class Struggle and Capitalist Society

Class Struggle and Communist Society


The concept of class struggle is central to Marx's theory of the dialectic development of society. It was the foundation upon which he built his social and economic theories, arguing that class struggle was the catalyst that drove a society to evolve from epoch to epoch, when its modes of production outgrew its existing social structures. Without class struggle, which is rooted in the division of the spoils of production, a society would not evolve through the revolutionary process that he describes. The discussion will begin with a definition of class, before moving on to examine Marx's theory of class struggle as the catalyst for societal evolution, the evolution of capitalist society, and the classless communist state.

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