Odin’s Gift


Michelle D. Sonnier

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Copyright 2012 Michelle Sonnier

Cover Art by Lyn Bell of Loime Studios

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The dew covered the dead rook’s wing. Branwen knelt down next to the rumpled pile of feathers on the leeward side of the hill and traced each line with her eyes. The rook was a dull black, absorbing every bit of light into his dullness. The bird lay flat on his back with his wings splayed out, his spindly legs thrust up and his talons curled into useless fists. His head was cocked back at an unnatural angle and his black beak opened on a silent caw. Branwen cocked her head to the side and squinted her eyes. The wind played with her maple brown hair and caused the rook’s legs to sway, as if he were shaking his fists at his unknown and unseen assailant.

Branwen sighed and settled into the grass with her legs crossed tailor style. She gently pulled the lifeless bird into her lap. She cradled him like a child and stroked his head with her forefinger. She began to rock him back and forth, swaying with the breeze. She crooned a wordless song following a melody only she could hear; first high, then low, then high again. She rocked and swayed and sang while the spring morning paused and held its breath.

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