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My New Nanny-a short erotica story by Danity O’Shae

Copyright © 2012 Danity O’Shae

Smashwords Edition

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My New Nanny

My parents were arguing again. This was the third night this week, and I knew without creeping further down the stairs, that the subject of their argument was me. My father had spent the last three years looking forward to his retirement, counting down the days until I, his youngest child, was twenty-one. If only it had been that simple.

I was an accident for them, unplanned, and born while my father was on an army tour in Germany. And just like my conception had been an accident, so had my entire life it seemed. Throughout middle school and well into high school I’d made myself the black sheep of the family, constantly getting into fights, sneaking out of the house whenever I wanted, and even getting arrested at the age of seventeen for smoking pot in school. My two brothers were the exact opposite and almost ten years my senior; both of them graduates of Harvard Law School, and staples of the Abernathy family.

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