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Confidence Interval - an Epic Poem

by Daan van Schalkwijk

A squire teaches the High King statistics to overcome a crisis of confidence, at risk to his own life.

Just when the High King is at loss in whom to confide, a squire offers to solve his problems by teaching him about confidence intervals; but when the King's senior sage protests, he must learn to see what statistics can and cannot do, or the sage will have him on the gallows.

Student Quotes

"The poem is just great. What a good initiative to describe something which students usually find not so interesting in a fun way."

Jovana Karanovic, student at Amsterdam University College, at her request this poem was written.

"I'm glad I returned to read the poem more carefully. I like how it speaks to the limits of quantitative reasoning at its conclusion."

Megan Myles, exchange student at Amsterdam University College from Quest University, Canada.

"I believe the poem is great, and it is quite impressive the fact that it took you so little to write it! The language is really convincing, and I love the last paragraph, it is really a nice conclusion!"

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