Chapter 5 Invasion of Poland

Chapter 6 Counter Attack

Chapter 7 Back home

Chapter 8 Belgium then France

Chapter 9 Paris

Chapter 10 The New Fatherland

Chapter 11 Russia

Chapter 12 The truth behind every heart

Chapter 13 Clash of the orders

Chapter 14 Hiding from the past

Chapter 15 War has two enemies

Chapter 16 The trap in the wolfs lair

Chapter 17 Brothers no more

Chapter 18 Change

Summary Brothers from Different Armies

A humble family of lumberjacks is conscripted into the German army, during the events of the Second World War. For Johan this means the start of an unforgettable experience and a chance to serve his country. To his father who has seen war however, this is a death sentence. Along the way Johan's brother Siegfried, also joins the war against his father’s wishes, who wanted him to get an education. Siegfried is then recruited into the Waffen SS and becomes brain washed, with the Ideas of the Third Reich. Johan meanwhile continues to keep the values, taught to him by his father.

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