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Cherry’s First Time

Cherry Adams took a deep breath as she checked her face in the small compact mirror she held. Live nude modeling wasn’t exactly what she’d planned on doing to pay her way through art school, but it was the highest paying job that she could find. She’d been ecstatic last week when Professor Fitz had selected her out of a dozen other models to be the study for the figure drawing class that he taught, but now that the day had arrived, she was petrified.

She’d never taken off her clothes in front of anyone before, not even her last boyfriend. It was why they’d broken up. Cherry hadn’t planned on keeping her virginity this long. At twenty-one it was almost unheard of in her circle of friends, but finding the right guy to give it to had proved impossible. It was her ‘virgin’ look that had landed her the study subject position, according to Professor Fitz, her innocent face and wide blue eyes a plus when it came to the topic of the week.

Ahh Class… Ms. Adams, right on time,” Professor Fitz gestured to the back of the room just as Cherry entered, the front of the terry cloth robe she wore clutched tightly in front of her.

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