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Murder at the Villa Maria-Sedona Retirement Home
A Waning Moon
Deadly Serum
One Millhaven Lane
Sleight of Hand
Watching Over Her
A Silver Lining (The Monahans – Book I)
A Little Rain Must Fall (The Monahans – Book II)
A Mistaken Belief (The Monahans – Book III)


(A Novella (Humor/YA)

Journalist Josie Fox lives a solitary life. When her half-sister Amy crashes her beloved car and suffers severe head trauma, later lapsing into a coma, Josie rushes to her side. Amy’s neurosurgeon is not optimistic in his prognosis. Josie is then faced with the more than likely possibility that Amy will never regain consciousness. Josie investigates the car accident and learns, much to her dismay, that Amy had tried to take her own life.

Josie uses her investigative skills and uncovers the reason for Amy choosing to commit suicide – her boyfriend reneged on his promise to marry her after his divorce became final.

While Josie sits at Amy’s bedside praying for her recovery she comes up with a plan to pay back Amy’s boyfriend for his callous disposal of her sister.

Josie has her revenge and a lot more she hasn’t bargained on.


A special thank you to ‘Christine’ for pointing out what I did not see.


Chapter One – The Accident

Chapter Two – Plan of Attack

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