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We climbed up the mountain and passed miles of surrounding forest trees before reaching the secluded area. It was as peaceful as it was beautiful. The sun hung low that afternoon, soon it’d lower and the moon would be in clear view and furry animals would take solace running. I took a moment and looked at the blues and bright pinks surrounding the burning star. These days it was hard to find peace when every waking moment was spent worrying over what threat might find it’s way into my life next. I turned toward my guest. “Your father could kill me if he found out about this.”

Jamie turned to face me and shrugged her petite shoulders. “He’s busy and after you almost died to help me I don’t think he minds anymore that we’re friends.” She had a bitter tone to her voice that seemed to be constant lately; I assumed it had to do with teenage years and boy troubles. She was dating a vampire—a huge mistake— and now she wouldn’t talk about him lately.

Part of the reason I invited her out was to try and get her to tell me what happened. The other part was to make sure the fifteen year old girl had some form of protection. I rested my bag on the floor and bent to open it. “I’m gonna ask, what happened with Ray?”

She shrugged again. “Dad got his wish, it’s over between us.”

I stood holding a 9mm magnum. “Why?” Her shoulders fell and her dark eyes took on a look of regret and fear. “Did something happen?” I asked, looking over her neck for any telltale signs while she glanced back at the skyline.

“He doesn’t think so. I just told him my dad was a pain in the ass and it’d be better if we didn’t see each other. But,” Jamie took a deep breath and that look of fear worsened. “I came into town a few days early this trip and I went to surprise him.” I said nothing and waited for her to continue. She took a moment to gather the words or maybe find the strength to discuss it. “He was with another girl.” The teenager froze there.

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