Harp Lessons

by Shea McIntosh Ford

Published by Astraea Press


Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 SHEA MCINTOSH FORD

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and events are fictitious in every regard. Any similarities to actual events and persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. Any trademarks, service marks, product names, or named features are assumed to be the property of their respective owners, and are used only for reference. There is no implied endorsement if any of these terms are used. Except for review purposes, the reproduction of this book in whole or part, electronically or mechanically, constitutes a copyright violation.


Copyright © 2012 SHEA MCINTOSH FORD

ISBN 978-1-62135-108-5

Cover Art Designed by Ginny Glass

This book is dedicated to my mothers Amy and JoAnn for all their encouragement, and especially to Grandma Caroline. I will always cherish your stories of Ireland.

Chapter One


Sarah sat on her bed. It sank, as did her heart. How was she going to leave all this? Her childhood bedroom was wrapping her in invisible arms, protecting her from walking out the door a final time. She gazed for a moment at her small library. Sarah could take a couple of those friends with her, right? Tempted to take one off the shelf, she resisted, knowing if she began reading one for old time's sake, it would end up in her suitcase and get the ball rolling. The Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables, Wuthering Heights… so many were as dear friends. How many times had she dug in the nurturing earth with Mary and Dickon, cried over the heartaches of Anne Shirley, or agonized over the complicated lives of Heathcliff, the Earnshaws, and the Lintons? Parting with them was almost as bad as parting with her family.

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