Marital Matters

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Institute for Marital Concerns

Smashwords Edition

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Copyright 2012 Theric Jepson

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Smashwords Edition, License Notes

Thank you for downloading this edition of Marital Matters. You are welcome to distribute it samizdat fashion so long as Theric Jepson is still listed as the author and no money is made through the redistribution. If you enjoyed the book, please visit for more information about and works by the author.

To celebrate the recent release of my novel Byuck through Strange Violin Editions, I’m pleased to also release Marital Matters, a closely related work of “non”-fiction.

Byuck’s genesis was a short and silly essay called “To Build a Fence” written in 1999 when I suddenly (and accidentally, but that’s another story) found myself a student at Brigham Young University. Which is a great school, no question, but I was leery of attending a school owned by a church (even my own church) and frankly feared its marriage culture. Which can be summed up like this:

Do it! Asap! What are you waiting for? Go! go! go!

So, to cope, before attending even a single class, I wrote “To Build a Fence.” As a good Mormon boy I was all in favor of being married. It was the getting married that stressed me out.

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