Northern Pacific Railway

Employees in Fargo,

North Dakota

Robert Grey Reynolds Jr.

Smashwords Edition 2012

My eBook profiles more than one hundred Northern Pacific Railway employees who worked in Fargo, North Dakota between 1896-1916. Many of them worked before and after these dates. However, I only included individuals who started their tenure with the railroad within this time span. I have relied largely on censuses and city directories to complete my work.The text lists as much biographical information as I could find for each person, beginning with George E V McCormick and concluding with William A Yoder. The lengths of the mini bios vary greatly, from a single sentence to multiple paragraphs. Readers have an opportunity to use the eBook as a resource to begin research on their own family ancestral histories. N P Ry workers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries immigrated to the United States from Sweden, Norway, Poland, England, Canada, Germany, Prussia, and Ireland.The most difficult task involved assimilating the numerous residences in Fargo and Moorhead, Minnesota. Most of the employees roomed at more than one address during their careers. This directory is pertinent to North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Canada, and Western European history. I was born in North Carolina and have lived here for all of my fifty-three years.

Before I began this work, I knew that New York Yankees star Roger Maris was a Fargo, North Dakota native. Aside from this, the extent of my knowledge of the North Dakota city was very sketchy at best. I enjoy railroad history. This passion for trains has recently merged with an enjoyment of genealogical research. I have made ample use of photographic images in order to interest both general readers as well as North Dakota and Minnesota natives. It is quite fascinating to look back in time and appreciate how a region has evolved. There are approximately 10,700 words in this volume. I have decided to publish a second eBook that will profile N P Ry employees, alphabetical A-L, within the same time frame. If a reader knows of additional 1896-1916 era Fargo-based N P Ry employees, (M-Z), I would appreciate him/her contacting me. The eBook can always be revised and updated. Robert Grey Reynolds Jr. Cary, North Carolina December 4, 2012

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