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Nathan’s Choice

Copyright 2012 by Bruno Stella

Smashwords Edition

Cover Copyright 2012 by Bruno Stella.

Permission to reproduce and disseminate this work is withheld. All rights reserved. Please do not do this without recompensing the author. This was a lot of hard work, and I have kept the price low enough so that pretty much anybody can afford a copy. If you want free stories, go to my blog at where you will find some.

This work is an original work of fiction and similarities between this work and other works and/or characters and living persons are coincidental and not intended.


Old Steingar’s ships had come again that year.

The dark longships had glided into the stony bay, the rowers singing lustily. The strains of song sounded rustic, and somehow joyful. The herders and simple folk that heard the song, however, dropped what they were doing and ran for home. As the news spread, so did the panic. Windows were slammed shut, and doors were nailed closed from the inside. Many who could, packed their bags and headed out to the country for a few weeks. The damage would be limited to property, that way.

A panic-stricken young maiden hurtled past a large wooden house just outside Arman village. On the porch a large, well-muscled man sat bare-chested in front of a forge, beating a knife into shape. His hair was close-cropped and black, and it seemed to shower down his face in the form of a wild beard, and onto his chest in the form of a black carpet. The mixture of sweat and dust that caked him did not do any favours to his appearance. Yet, his wife would have said that he had been particularly handsome when she had met him.

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