The 101 Goth Stories

3. The Story of Agarinion, The Damned God.

Copyright © 2012 by C.B.Colin

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I. The curse…

The moon was on the clear, dark blue night sky. The stars were shining like the diamonds which never disappear. But in vain was the sky clear and beautiful, like a magic painting, when Agarinion was very upset and it was impossible for him to not let the tears leave his red eyes and to flow softly on his white marble cheek, disappearing on the half way in a steam.

Agarinion, the prince-god of Flos region, on the rose island, the son of Gods Dolor and the evil Sanguis which was nowhere to found, being one of the most terrifying flosen gods who preferred to curse everyone which are trying to love, being one of the most feared flosen god of all times.

This young god, had a white marble face, with beautiful eyes but the color of iris was red as blood. The hair was burning on his head, being blue, and he had a long same blue color beard. His ears were sharp and long, and his wearing was dark blue, like a robe made of silk, having embroidered floral symbols on the edges.

He was seating on the palace balcony, and watched the wild sea, where the vast moon mirrored in it. He shuddered when someone putted a hand on his arm. He turned his face and sighed. Was his mother, Dolor.

“My dear boy, why are you not sleeping? It is very late.”

“I cannot, knowing that is getting closer the…”

“I know, trust me, I know.” The goddess said, hugging him.

“But you must.”

“Why?” He said a little angry, pushing her away. “Why I have to take these tasks every single year?”

“You know why. To release your father’s curse. Do not forget Agarinion, that if you will release it, you will become a full god, and not just any normal god, but the god of light, life, and love. You do not wish to not pass the tasks and to become as your father.”

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