The diary of a Tibetan Terrier

By Henry

Translated into English by W. G. Stewart-Ross

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 by W.G. Stewart-Ross

All Rights Reserved.

It’s A Dog’s Life

I have no excuses for having the text of this short story translated as unfortunately I not able to speak English (or any other human language) but I know that the translator is fluent in dog-speak, and so I am sure that what follows is a true account of a day in my life as I see it.

My official name is quite unpronounceable and why I was given such a stupid name after I was born was because I was given a pedigree and a ridiculous name to go with it. My real name is Henry. I’m a Tibetan Terrier, but that is also ridiculous because I’m not at all like any other terrier. But I do have Tibetan origins, and I’m sure I have relatives living there to this day with monks in the Himalayan mountains.

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