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Tiaras & Texans

A Presley Thurman Mystery

By Laina Turner

Published by Five Seas Ink, LLC

Copyright 2012

Formatting by Anessa Books

Chapter 1

This is not what I had in mind and you know it!” I said hotly to Cooper. We were standing in my kitchen having what I would call a lively discussion and what he would call an argument. This wasn’t the only thing we had differences of opinion on, but sometimes I thought that was what made us work. You know, the whole opposites attract thing. Things between us never got boring, that’s for sure.

I was already cranky because we hadn’t had dinner yet and I was starving. I was never in a good mood when I was hungry. Cooper had been working late and had promised to bring home sushi as a penance. However, the sushi was still sitting on the counter in its “to go” bag because of the bombshell he had just dropped on me. He was in for a lot more penance than what sushi would make up for. He was smiling at me like my anger was amusing to him, as it often was. He was so laid back that it took a lot to bother him. Of course that just made me that much more furious, and no doubt that was why he was doing it. He could be such a frustrating man sometimes. He was lucky I found him so damn irresistible.

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