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Martin Wicks has been on both sides of the desk with employment interviews and knows that the task of getting a desirable job is getting harder all the time.

Martin shares what he learned from his own experience as an employee and a business owner.

Martin said, “I have watched as jobs became more difficult to keep, often because of factors beyond the control of the employee and even the company he/she worked for.”

“The challenges are increasing. Many jobs are filled after someone in the employer’s personal network makes a recommendation. Other jobs are lost to international competitors.”

“Young people are finding it harder to get jobs where they can learn the ropes, and employers are finding it harder to get experienced workers.”

“Many people are saying that résumés are not working anymore.” “That’s true, but only for the résumés our parents used.’

Martin wrote this ebook to help you reshape your résumé so that it becomes a powerful weapon in your quest for the job you want and the future you dream about.


This book is focused on helping improve your chance of getting the job you want.

Résumés are devalued by some people but they are still effective if you use them in ways that make them useful to employers and employment agencies in the current market.

The sort of résumés our parents used aren’t worth submitting. Many employers have been spammed with hundreds of similar, unfocused offerings every time they advertise a position.

I will help you to produce a powerful résumé which helps you get past the pile of other résumés.

The résumé is just part of what we need in today’s job market. So, I will explain some of the other tools which are currently available to help you get your application serious consideration more often.

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