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The book of Psalms were used by Jesus, quoted by many writers of the New Testament, and it has been the treasured book of worship and prayer of the Christian church from its beginning and it will not stop in our time.

Lots of needs have been met through the book of Psalms as God’s people used it in worship and in prayer.

As you go through this book, you will discover the specific Psalms you will use in your prayer to command rapid and instant results and answers to your prayer. I have taken time to glean from the book of Psalms the specific ones that will handle various challenges you are facing and grant you the desires of your heart.

As you receive these scriptural prescriptions, and use them in your personal or corporate devotion or prayers, I see rapid and instantaneous results follow all your prayers, in Jesus name.

How to Use The Book of Psalms Effectively

1…Read from your Bible

2…Confess your sins, if NECESSARY

3…Repent from your sins, if NECESSARY


5…SING PRAISE AND WORSHIP BEFORE PRAYING with it AND conclude your PRAYERS in the name of Jesus Christ.

6…Give thanks after praying with it.

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