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The Great I Am


Place Of Grace

Elaine Dinnall-Stewart on Smashwords

Copyright © 2012 by Elaine Dinnall-Stewart

The Great I Am is a passionate and prayerful lyrical poem in which the names of God come alive. Jehovah El Roi is the One who sees and Jehovah Rapha is the One who heals.

Place of Grace reminds us of the constant measureless presence of God. Grace is a sacred space. It is found when it is acknowledged. It is a little piece of heaven. Inside its presence we are safe. It is a free gift from God. It is a free Gift of God. Previously published by Society of Poets and received the Homer Award.

This tiny book is a gem to be treasured. It is a spiritual work and is a part of my Tiny Book Series.


To all the people who believed in me and encouraged me to publish. Doreen, Janete, Joyce and Paulette, you are my biggest fans. Thank you so much.

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