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Under His Body.

Copyright 2012. Yoli Kim.

Smashwords Edition.

I press down on the clutch and push the stick into third. My cock aches. My heart pounds. I'm almost in my boyfriend's neighborhood and I can see the top of his apartment building crest over the next hill. It gives me the feeling that I'm on a roller coaster before it plunges down and my stomach floats a little. All I can think of is his cock, purple at the head, and his promise to fuck. I try to keep the steering wheel straight, but my car wobbles. I bite my lip. There's a tic in my eyelid.

His neighborhood is posh. It's all old-style brick and endless caf├ęs punctuated by urban gardens that are lush from the rain. I feel out of place, like I don't belong, but that's part of his appeal. His apartment is only a few blocks away when raindrops start hitting my windshield. I shift in my seat again. There are silicone beads inside me and they're all connected by a rubber cord. I can feel them. I can feel the cord leading out of me. It's pressing against the seat through my jeans.

Last week we'd picked them out right after dinner and a movie. We'd sauntered into a sex shop and he'd asked for them as casually as you'd order something off a desert menu, anal beads please. They came installed with tiny electrical motors and a black control that was as sleek as an i-pod. We got back to his apartment and he stripped me naked, bent me over, and pushed them into me. Then he handcuffed me to a wooden chair and turned them on. I rattled into an orgasm that was so fast and so fucking intense that I fell onto the floor and brought the chair with me. I spent that weekend handcuffed to his bed. He fed me, clothed me, and did everything but fuck me.

I'd begged him to fuck me on hand and knees (the other hand was cuffed to that bedpost) but he'd refused. I'd ached for his beautiful cock, but he teased me. He'd held it in front of my face and I'd reached out for it with my mouth, but he wouldn't even let me touch it. He would masturbate without me while I watched and I licked his come off the floor for three nights.

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