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Road Tails

By Polera North

Copyright 2012 Polera North

Smashwords Edition

Bangor 2 Bridgeport

Amber and Christina, friends since elementary school, had been discussing what to do with their time between high school graduation and going off to college in August. Amber's big idea was to hitchhike from their quaint, quiet hometown of Bangor, Maine to bright, balmy Miami, using their combined savings from the past 2 years of summer and after school jobs to live off of. At the end of the summer, they'd buy bus tickets back to Bangor. It would take 1, maybe 2 weeks, tops, to get down there, they could party all summer, and be back in time to pack for school. It would be simple to get down there, too. They could pretty much just stick to I-95 and if they ever got lost, they could just head south, they'd get there eventually.

Amber's primary arguments were 'It'll be fun.', 'Think of the memories we'll have.', and 'It'll be the adventure of a life time.'. Christina's counter arguments were 'We'll be raped.', “We'll be murdered.', and 'We'll be raped and murdered, and probably not in that order.'. Amber's rebuttals included 'Don't be a puss.', 'We'll just avoid riding with creeps.', and 'Don't be a puss.' Despite her reservations, the idea did appeal to Christina. She and her best friend since the second grade taking on the entire eastern coast. It was romantic, adventurous, and what else was she going to do all summer besides get drunk in the woods with the same people she'd known her whole life.

After a few days arguments with Amber, Christina decided to go along with the scheme. She had even become enthusiastic towards the plan. This could be the greatest summer ever, provided they didn't end up the victim of some wacko. They packed their things into backpacks, concocted a cover story to give their parents about a three month historical tour of the eastern seaboard sponsored by the University of Maine, and got a friend to give them a ride to a rest stop on I-95 South a few miles outside of town.

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