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Edited by Dwayne Edmonson

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For Joseph whose stories inspired me to write this book and for helping it become an award winning feature film and web series. And for Adel and his wife, the corner stone of their family.

The novel was adapted into a screenplay and is now an award winning feature film. Watch the movie at


I blame my interest in Turkish soap operas (also known as Turkish TV series) on a sweet Arabic couple from the Middle East. They were my guests for two months and during their stay, the wife said that she missed watching her favourite Arabic-dubbed Turkish soap operas and it made her very homesick. I searched online and found streaming videos of the soap operas. This started a nightly ritual of watching back-to-back episodes of different series of Turkish soaps. Our marathon watching weekends were full of fun, laughter and drama. We had so many great conversations as we analyzed the characters and the scenes together. I recall the husband telling me that he had no interest in soap operas. However, when it came time to watch the shows, he was always the one who could repeat word for word scenes from past episodes as he critiqued the current storyline.

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