Going Up


Salubrious Farlight

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The hill sloped away on all sides, dotted with short, sparse trees and thin shrubs. A light breeze swirled leaves and twigs, adding a touch of coolness to the air. Boson stood alone on the top of the hill, a circular metal hat resting on his head with an antenna telescoping up from its center. He checked his watch and looked over the calculations in his small notebook. This should be the place, he thought. All the numbers seemed to figure properly.

Time passed and the sky darkened, stars spreading above. The glowing orb of the moon climbed its way up the sky, swimming through the stars. Boson stood, waiting, checking his watch, shifting position time and again. When the moon was high overhead he checked his watch yet again, tore out his sheet of calculations and crumpled it, then went home.

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