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Last Dance


J.T. Lewis

Copyright 2012-2013 by J.T Lewis

Smashwords Edition

I never thought I could get this old.”

That’s what had come to mind as everyone gathered around the cake a few moments ago, waiting for me to blow out the bonfire of candles before me.

I had gotten it done, but it seemed to have taken a lot out of me in the process. Finally I had to ask my daughter to help me to my chair.

An old woman now in her own right, we made our way slowly across the house to my favorite chair in the living room. My body creaked as she helped me down into the leather recliner…creaked!

“You ok dad?” she asked as she placed her hand on mine.

Patting her hand with my other, I smiled at one of the greatest joys that I had been honored to experience.

“I’m fine kid,” I said with a smile, “how could I not be with you and your brood here with me?”

And a brood it was! She had given me two grandbabies over fifty years ago now. They in turn had given me three great grandkids, and so far there were two of their kids running around here.

Mix in the wives, husbands and dates, and it was indeed a household.

And it made me happy!

I had spent too many years alone early in life, unaware of the bond that could be had with one’s offspring.

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