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Betty, my first wife, wasn’t able to have children. Betty had taken it harder than I at the time, me being but a lowly male of the species and her being the one with the ticking clock. I did my best to convince her that it didn’t matter, that I didn’t think any less of her nor did I think that kids were even that important. Besides, I would argue, in our line of work, a child could be a liability…and we did have the dog!

She never let on how stupid this all must have sounded to her, but I think she did love me for trying. I loved her with all of my heart, and she knew that! And she knew that we would always have each other, because that was the kind of love that we had…the kind that still lived in my soul.

So we moved on and made an exceptional life together. She was my soul mate, and I hers. I have never experienced such a love as the one I had shared with her, nor did I ever expect to when we were finally brought together on that fateful day…


The sudden crack of the lightning lit up my world with brightness as the noise pounded on my ears like a Company of drummers.

I found myself lying on the ground, dumbly staring up at the huge tree above me as a lightning bolt danced its way down its trunk in slow motion. As the ground around the tree exploded in bits of dirt and wood, I discovered Betty at my side. Her beautiful blue eyes were twinkling at me as the remnants of the explosion rained down around us, followed closely by a cold wet rain.

“Come on!” she shouted, her eyes twinkling as we quickly gathered up our picnic and ran at a sprint to the nearby barn.

We found ourselves yelling to be able to hear each other, our ears ringing from the explosive force of the lightning. My heart was beating a thousand beats a minute as we entered the barn laughing.

The next few moments were spent catching our breath and nervously laughing at how close we had come to death. As our breathing started returning to normal, I took the blanket and wrapped it around Betty’s shoulders, the closeness of her tingling on my skin. Looking down at her, our eyes locked onto each other’s… those beautiful pale blue eyes of my dreams.

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