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Biff the Smashing Robot of the Steel Hammer-Fist

by Shannon Lee Martin

Copyright 2012 Shannon Lee Martin

Smashwords Edition

Any similarities between persons, places or things, living, dead, or otherwise, is what it is.

* * *

Biff the Smashing Robot of the Steel Hammer-Fist wasn't always a destructive murderer. Once he'd been like all the other police robots -- he'd murdered calmly and efficiently, though he wasn't nearly as prolific then as was his current spree of terror.

But that was before the accident, before the Hammer-Fist.

Biff had been patrolling the streets on a near-clear sunny day, and was in the process of removing more of the vermin from the streets of his bleak city, when one of them fired on him with an unregistered phase blaster, destroying the finely tuned, elegantly crafted bleed-rays and suction devices that made up the most part of his left forearm. And since the bureaucracy had fallen upon hard times, the forearm had to be replaced with a makeshift peacemaker -- a plain and simple steel hammer roughly molded to resemble a human fist.

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