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By Panth Shri Hajur 1008 Prakashmani Nam Saheb.  (1945- 1962)

Acharya of Sadguru Kabir Prakatya Dham, Varanasi


Translated from the Hindi and Edited by Dr. J. Das, Kabir Association of Canada.

Published with permission


The Importance of Courtesy

 In all the religions, to salute (greet) and to be saluted in return, i.e. salutation and blessing, is in common practice. Salutation is also called courtesy. Salutation is a part of the nine-fold bhakti (devotion) explained in the Bhagavatam. Courtesy indicates simplicity of mind, humility and freedom from ego. Bowing of the head indicates humility of the mind. Humility is such behaviour that it makes others humble also. Courtesy quickly solves many difficult problems of the world. As a result, for worldly and spiritual success, humility is very important. In the following sakhi, Satguru Kabir explains the greatness of humility in a very beautiful way:

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