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6. Fly the Moon to Me by Stephen “B5” Jones

7. Relapse by Norman Gray

8. Burning Alexandria by Michael J. Sullivan

9. Silver Sky by Liam Baldwin

10. Sacrifice by G. L. Lathian

11. Empty Nest by R. F. Dickson

12. Mother and Child by Tristis Ward


N. E. White

The writing forum at is a wonderful place. Like other online writing communities, members gather to share their work and for encouragement.

For the past four years, I have interacted with that virtual community, hoping to learn from writers like Elizabeth Moon, Jon Sprunk, Michael J. Sullivan, Hugh Howey, Terry Kolan and many others that pop-in or frequent the forums. I’ve read hundreds of threads about developing character, world-building, and much more.

Those of us new to the craft of writing also get a chance to practice our skills on the forum. Each month, members take part in friendly, flash-fiction competitions. Over the years, some of the stories submitted have made me laugh, moved me to tears, or caused me to ponder an idea in a new light. I’ve learned a lot about writing fiction from reading those stories.

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