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Two Pennies
By Rusty Hunt
Copyright Rusty Hunt 2012
Published by Smashwords

*Pennies and Pills*
i don't give a shit
anger risen again
called upon to battle wills
with pennies and pills

gimme millions of pennies
and i'll give them right back
in a big fat pill bottled sack
take your money and your pills
i'm tired of manipulating all these vairables
put me in a corner and let me go
keep your money...give to the po'
rather be rich in soul than in paper
how many pennies before you rape her?

*Spelling and Breasts*
Who was that chick i met yesterday
Will i see her again? Perhaps today!
I cannot see a thing past her chest
not sure when exactly i left
not sure when exactly her eyes bec ame her breasts
and eye couldn't stare into them for long
because i thought they were her chest

damn dude, this thing doesnt have spell check
shut it off 'cause it's irritating
squiggly lines all up under my shit
can't get off on any tangents
too busy lookin' at that shit
just like i did her chest last night
oops, i mean her eyes

five twenty nine
on 12/9 and all is divine.
here is my prediction
it's all just fiction

*Hard to Swallow*
hard to swallow are thoughts of tomorrow that run into a wall and fall back to yesterday and swing around back up through a present without much truth without much you i have not clue but i shall write until i know what else to do
hard to swallow is the reality of being 40 and writing like a child at times in between these lines without much life much time much fun just an old fella who may have a few words left and a few hairs on his chest
hard to swallow

*Penny in the Pocket*
Which of these pennies is telling the truth
the one you found, or the one that found you
who of these men aren't drunken and rude
the one you drown, or the one that drowned you

One penny in the pocket and a demi they are
fatty fat wallet, and a fancy car
Two pennies in the pocket and God they become
know more than a nickel, but with no pennies they're dumb

Fuck your pennies, and your car
had them both, wife's pennies too
dig in your pockets, and find your truth
which one of your pockets will forsake you?

I like to whistle, yes i do
I like to lie, and tell the truth
Which is which to you?
I'd like to know that too

*Two Pennies*
One a bit darker with some wear,
one a coppered shine... mind not a care.

At both, I sit and stare;
Wonder where these two abes have travelled;
When and where did their wrappers unravel?

Both had eight breakdowns off the penny;
Reckon...I've had just as many.
One Abe Head from 1968,
The other 2010.
Where these fellas been?

A linted pocket with darkness like a cave,
a washer going round and round just like today.
A crowded register at the Wal-Mart store,
fatty fingers of a greedy whore.

The middle of a black tar road with a bubble or two
thanks to the heat of the sun.
A heat reflecting off a shiny head, shiny Abe.
Staring right back from his seat upon the road
pushed down into the melted tar
after trampled by car after car after car
still, a head shines brightly back at the sun.
That's the older one.
The younger of the two pro'ly been in my shoe
since a good day or two.

* betta behave*
I wish i were a penny deep in a well
tossed in on a wish she'd never tell
deep in the cool is were id rest
a biggin' of a fish down in the depths

A silver haired lady with a dollar for a face
slowly weaves her way down and sits for a taste
the coins in the fountained well are outraged
you should be ashamed of your monied name

all the coins stood in fury except for Abe
the one from 2010 and the one from '68

*Under 9*
Down in the 9
speak sometimes
often they rhyme
and, sometimes not
the further away from the safety
of a rhyming patterned string of words
the more difficult to conrol which and what to say
where and what to go with words that make their own way
say what they wanna say
rhyme when they wanna play
drift to a fear dart gasp at horizons focal
the farther away they get from control
boy, thats a toughy
dude, i like to rhyme
do it all the time
so what if i'm afraid
least i'm in the game
making a play
saying what i gotta say
now, go the fuck away

Hello...and hi
eye am I

drink lots of coffee and wear a cool ass sock hat
let your belly hang over your belt that holds back
an adipose of fat
a tissue of skin
a myo of muscle
a neuro of nerves
a dude who doesn't give a shit
about terms anymore
feed my belly
think that was in my textbook

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