What Is Courageous Christianity?

by Rebecca K. Grosenbach

Copyright Rebecca K. Grosenbach 2012

 ISBN 9781301882533

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“Theresa” married her high school sweetheart, “Tom,” when she was barely 19. He was the one who’d taught her what it means to be a genuine disciple of Jesus. They had three boys, who grew into fine, godly men with families of their own. Theresa and Tom held Bible studies in their home, led various ministries at church, and served their neighbors in a way that demonstrated God’s love.

Shortly before their 35th wedding anniversary, Tom started having some chest pain. He was hospitalized for observation, but went home after a few days. Then, on a bright Saturday morning, Tom and Theresa went on their daily walk, and shortly after they returned home, Tom collapsed. Neighbors tried CPR; paramedics arrived and did their best to resuscitate Tom. But it was no good. Tom was dead.

A year later, Theresa’s eight-year-old grandson died from a rare cancer. Soon after, Theresa was diagnosed with lupus, a disease that left her in constant pain and, at times, unable to leave the house.

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