Forbidden Fruit

By Delilah Parker

Copyright 2012 Delilah Parker

Smashwords Edition

When Alicia got on the train after work on Friday, she was tired and grumpy. Add to that the train was loaded with people, forcing her to all but hug the stranger in front of her; Alicia’s mood seemed unlikely to improve. The air in the car of the train was muggy and somewhat sweaty, meaning that the air conditioning system was down. Again.

She was so sick of nothing going right in her life. After the foreseen breakup with her ex, Alicia had made good friends with her vibrator, Fred. Fred wasn’t too long, but he was thick and filled her the way she needed to be filled. And he made her come so many times when she was feeling blue that she was always thoroughly satisfied and equally exhausted when she finally clicked him off.

Just thinking about how she’d masturbated this morning had her wet. Perhaps her day could improve. She started to plan out her evening: a long, hot bubble bath and then a long, hot session with Fred could easily perk up her weekend. She wondered how many times she could make herself come, if she could beat her all-time best of eleven.

The train stopped to let several passengers off at a stop, but even more people got on the train before the doors closed. The man in front of her had turned when there was more room, but now he was facing her and they were pressed close. The man behind her had also been forced to crowd her. Alicia was caught between the two but she held on to the bar above her head and thought again about Fred.

When she felt the man in front of her shutter, she looked up at him. Piercing blue eyes, flaming with desire, met hers. She wasn’t prepared for the magnificent intensity and automatically tried to take a step back. She found herself up against the man behind her and was surprised she could feel his erection poking her in the back. She gasped but quickly recovered and moved away from him again. She told herself she wasn’t turned on by either man, but it was a lie and she knew it.

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