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By Ali Ziegler

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Ali Ziegler

Joshua 2:21--.and she left the scarlet rope hanging from the window


The basket was nearly full but Rahab’s keenness for her mother’s pastries made her forge on, despite the hot summer sun. She had enough fruit for a few pies, more than enough to please her mother. If she had decided well enough, if she had stopped picking the berries then, perhaps she could have escaped the evil that lurked in the forest.

She wiped at her brow and shot a surly look up at the sun before stepping further into the berry patch. Her single-minded determination was to gather the plumpest, freshest fruit. Still, she kept thoughts of a warning her brother Jace had given. The area near the river, where the berries grew so prolifically, was also abundant with snakes. Even though she picked quickly, she also paid heed to any strange noises that would hopefully forewarn her should a slithering asp be in the same area.

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