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Logan is not my name

By David & Sabine Williams

Published by David Williams at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 David Williams

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

Previously on Star Yawns:

The Captain gave the order and Ensign Follicle fired at the Moronite pirates and moments after that they watched the ship blow to pieces.

The alien ship was still sitting in front of the entrance to the wormhole so when the ship exploded the wormhole became affected and immediately closed.

Well now that the fight is over let’s go home,” the Captain said, unaware of what had just happened, “ let’s make our way through the wormhole. Let’s make it happen Ensign Lid-Lidia.”

The ship propelled its way forward towards the wormhole’s coordinates but on arrival nothing happened.

Ensign Lid-Lidia, why didn’t the wormhole open up? We should be going through it right now.”

It doesn’t appear to be here sir.”

Mr. Sook perhaps you can take a look at this.”

The Ensign is correct Captain, the wormhole is no longer here.”

That’s absurd, we all saw it just a few minutes ago.”

It is not absurd sir,” said Mr. Base, “ the blast from the alien ship has caused the wormhole to close up. Perhaps it was also destroyed.”

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