The Captain thought he would take a different tack. “ Mr. Sook, according to your instruments how far are we from the Alpha quadrant?” The Captain was now looking very concerned.

We are approximately ten thousand light years from the Alpha quadrant.”

How long would it take at maximum warp?”

Mr. Sook did some quick calculations. “ If we were able to maintain warp factor twelve which is unlikely, it would take almost eight years.”

The Captain sat back in his chair staring at the screen.

Eight years at warp twelve? I think we had better come up with a course of action very quickly. Let’s rethink what we are going to do.”

Captains Log: Star Date 24.0912

After a battle with the Moronite pirates we have destroyed our only means of return to the Alpha quadrant. Mr. Sook tells me that it will take eight years to get back at warp twelve and the engines could never be expected to maintain maximum warp for so long. I have given the order to start on our trip back and to maintain warp nine point five. Along the way we will stop at a planet that is not far from here. Hopefully we will find fresh food and minerals to help maintain our ship and ourselves over this long journey.

Mr. Sook had been studying his computer and he had noticed a few things about this planet.

What can you tell us about this planet Mr. Sook?” the Captain asked.

It is an M class planet with an oxygen and nitrogen atmosphere. According to my instruments the temperature can be extremely warm during the daylight hours and exceptionally cold at night. One thing I might add though Captain. I detect no warp capabilities whatsoever. The towns I have seen put me in mind of Earth during the late 1800’s.”

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